Darth Maul Collection

Okay here's some pics of my OG collection of Darth Maul.  He's my favorite all time anything.  I was 9 years old when Episode 1 came out and instantly fell in love with Darth Maul. He breathed new life into Star Wars for me; I was never obsessed with Star Wars because I was more into the Fantasy scene lol.  Black and red was always my favorite color combo and I was always into martial arts badassery so I naturally busted a whole lot of nuts over Darth Maul.

The very first Darth Maul thing I got, ironically, was about 10 years AFTER I saw the movie. I was about 19 years old and there was a cereal box promotion where they had a bunch of light-up lightsaber spoons in the boxes.  A fan of the 90s toy-in-a-cereal-box craze, I bought a box just excited to see that they're finally bringing back the concept of prizes inside cereal. It must have been destiny, but the first and only spoon I got was actually Darth Maul's.

 Since then I started grabbing everything Darth Maul related that I found in stores.  Of course there wasn't a lot of new merch in the 2010's...So I have begun to look at flea markets (mostly) and online for the old stuff. So here's what I have so far!

That's the grand pic of everything.  I actually have a giant container full of other stuff, but I just don't have room to display currently....
Below are pics of some closeups of the different shelves I've got.

^There's the spoo that started it all! Next to it is also a Darth Maul stamper I got in a vending machine in Japan. I was down to my last coins and of course, on my last try, I finally got the Darth Maul stamper I needed...It's okay even if I have 6 Yoda stampers xD

^I love that Disneyland Darth Maul pin. Found it at a flea market!

^I'm a sucker for cups/glasses. Thank goodness a Darth Maul one exists!

^That blu-ray tin is soooo gorgeous *-* And yes, I bought Disney Infinity just so I can play as Darth Maul lol

^I still need the official Episode 1 movie poster BUT of course I needed the one with the most Darth Maul first....

^The hilt is a flashlight! Both make sounds too *-*

^I love that sticker....One of my most prized possesions is the 3-D glasses. For the Episode 1 3-D movie experience that was just for 1 weekend, movie theaters were giving away 2 types of 3-D glasses. It was either Darth Maul or Anakin's podracer goggles.  I bought my tickets early for the first midnight showing and they handed us Darth Maul glasses! I was sooo relieved. You know what else? I bought my ticket and got my glasses on Wednesday, but on Thursday night, everybody else who bought their tickets the day of/right before the showing only got regular plain black glasses! I don't know what happened, but we (me, my sister, and my friend) were the ONLY people in the whole room with Darth Maul glasses. Talk about getting lucky! I just love the gasses and packaging it came in...

^Japan is the best for their gashapons. USA needs to step up their coin machine toy prizes...We should really have stuff like that over here....

Anyway that's it for now...Plenty more out there and I hope to one day have everything...including DNA samples of Ray Park so I can one day clone him xD Thanks for checking out my collection and know that I am the number one Darth Maul fan in the world....like seriously haha

Pokemon Collection Update

Raikou is pretty much done...I just want a UFO plush where his head is metallicy and shiny and the Takara/Tomy plush.....Poliwhirl still needs some work.  I'm looking for the pokedoll and the pokemon center plush. After that I'll just be looking for Hasbro small plushies for Poliwhirl...if anybody has these let me know!

Also as you can see....I have totally trimmed down my collection....I'm not collecting just electric pokemon anymore....I've decided it's easier to manage it if I have just a specific pokemon to look after.....Just trying to sell everything pokemon I have that isn't Raikou and Poliwhirl....

Can't believe I have 2/3 grails! I mean a mirage and bell plush this early? Just need that elusive pokedoll.....

Pokemon Collection

OKAY BE WARNED...this is a weak collection. I'm more into Digimon BUT I'm trying to start up a good Pokemon collection. I just like TOO MANY Pokemon so it makes it harder haha. I'm waiting for a Raikou set coming in so I'll update soon!

Sorry it looks bogus BUT I don't have much room to display...I'm working on it!! I'm currently just focusing on electric pokemon, but I'm never picky lol. Most of my figures and keychains I picked up when I was in Japan at the Yokohama Pokemon Center store.